iColor is a fun new twist on coloring! Choose from a collection of super fun images and follow the numbers to bring them to life. You can even even upload your own photos if you want! Coloring has never been easier. Just relax and enjoy.


Thrillz is a new way to read stories. Each story is like a short text message conversation. Stories range from suspenseful mysteries, to scary stories, to a group chat with friends over an Instagram photo! Thrillz makes reading fun again!

Starship Racer

Starship Racer is similar to the classic games of the 90s arcade era. Keep command of your own spaceship and fly through the galaxy.


Digital Mind is backed and managed by Daniel Pessin and a team of experts from industry leading corporations and startups.

Using in-depth product and marketing intelligence, predictive analytics, and creativity, we are able to produce apps that are market winners.

During our first year of operations, we are rolling out four new apps for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with more apps on the way!


Are you a small development studio with a great game that has a potential to be the big hit? We can make it successful. Many members of the Digital Mind team have been around since the early days of the App Store, creating and publishing several chart-topping titles.

We have the infrastructure, expertise, tools and everything needed to make successful and long-lasting mobile games and apps.

Contact us using the form below and include the link to your mobile app, test build or gameplay video. We look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to work together!


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