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Thrillz is a new way to read stories. Each story is like a short text message conversation. Stories range from suspenseful mysteries, to scary stories, to a group chat with friends over an Instagram photo! Thrillz is a mobile application we designed and developed!


Metafrens is a NFT collection we developed and designed. Metafrens lives and breathes on the Ethereum blockchain. Each fren has a unique combination of traits that makes each one special.

Our Team

Digital Mind is backed and managed by Daniel Pessin, Michael Russo and Bohdan Riabunets, along with a dedicated team of experts in the industry.

Using our in-depth knowledge and creativity to create digital products and software applications, we are able to create market winners.

Michael Russo Design

As the self proclaimed, “Design King” Michael takes great pride in his work. On a daily basis he helps manage the designs of our projects.

Daniel Pessin CEO

Daniel is the CEO of Digital Mind and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. Over the years he has helped develop countless mobile and software applications that have been enjoyed by millions of people.

Bohdan Riabunets Development

Bohdan’s main priority is to make sure our applications are operating efficiently and with the highest level of security.


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